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March 4, 2012

First World Problems

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This is a hilarious thread that’s been going on Twitter for a while now, you just search for the firstworldproblems and there are some really funny ones.  Here are some of my recent favourites:

  • I was looking for a song on YouTube but could only find a live version.
  • I want to go to sleep, but I don’t want to miss the complimentary breakfast.
  • I only got 1 dipping sauce with my 20 nuggets and had to ration it like it was WWII.
  • One pillow is too low, two pillows are too high
  • I got a free work phone from work. But it’s only for work purposes, so now I have to carry two phones
  • bags with loads of pockets are great until you unzip one and are like ‘omg, i’ve not seen that for six months’
  • I can’t hear the TV when I’m eating crunchy snacks.
  • Just sent myself a text from one phone to another to remind myself of something
  • Sometimes I get mildly upset when I can’t tell how much salt is coming out of the salt shaker. Too much? Too little?
  • The string of my tea bag broke
  • My favourite song came on just as I reached my destination so I had to drive around the block twice.
  • I just ate a fantastic jelly bean, but I put it into my mouth without looking at it so I don’t know what colour it is.
  • “I don’t have enough hangers for all the clothes I own”
  • “I really have to pee but I’m too lazy to get up”
  • “I want pizza but I have to eat that chicken in the fridge before it goes bad”
  • “I just tried to pet my black lab in the dark and ended up jamming two fingers up his nose”
  • I accidentally pumped too much hand sanitizer into my hand
  • My kindle is being replaced and in the meantime I have to read actual books like some African school child
  • Ordering a small pizza then afterwards wishing you’d got a medium/large
  • Wimbledon is on TV but if I watch the tennis I’ll be missing out on the lovely sunshine outside.
  • I can’t see where on the stupid label is the tiny writing that tells me whether the bottled water is fizzy or still
  • There was no semi-skimmed milk so I had to get the organic semi-skimmed
  • One of my pistachio shells was completely sealed shut
  • Two weetabixes don’t quite fit into my bowl
  • My wallet is too full of money to shut properly.

Of course the moral is that we should be grateful for how lucky we are and not let the small stuff upset us – and almost everything in our lives is small stuff!


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