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January 4, 2016

Revolution Club – live band

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Revolution Club are Dave Carson on guitar and Chris Croft on tenor sax, Mike Nicholls on drums, Dave Thomas (in-house producer and keyboards) with new addition from London, singer Penny Humphries.  When we are not performing live we work in our studio producing other artists, in styles ranging from Acid Jazz through to Dance and HipHop.

Penny – Vocals                   Dave – Guitar                    Chris – Sax                   Mike – Drums


Saturday 4th November – private party

Sunday 5 November – Jazz and Fireworks Cruise, Poole Harbour on the Dorset Queen, 4-6 pm

Saturday 18th Nov – Poole – By invitation Only

Thursday 30th November – Koh Thai, Poole Hill, Bournemouth

Sunday 10th December – private party


We have live sets of tracks in the following three styles.  Click on the pictures:

Acid Jazz

TallGreen   SpaceWalk  BackThen guitar

Dance / HipHop

SugarStar   YouLeftMeLikeThis   always  wiggle

Indie Rock

bloodRedSun    singing   island    sugarrave   fox


Other contributors are:

Arthur Rathbone-Pullen – bass

Jolyon Bradley – rap

Standing on the Summit: we are proud to have produced the theme music for the 2016 Bournemouth Jazz Festival

Festival:  bomojazz4    Full track:  summit


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