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February 10, 2012

Why I don’t care about my birthday

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It’s my birthday on Sunday and people are very kindly offering to do special things on that date.


a) I don’t really want to think about age and the inevitable corollary of how little time I have left,

b) it’s just an arbitrary date really – every day I’m a day older (Engineer speaking!)

but the biggest thing is

c) – I don’t want my birthday to be special, I want EVERY day to be special. I want every Sunday, at least, to involve doing things I like doing, with the people I like seeing.  If I had to wait a year for that then something wouldn’t be right.  And I don’t think I’m that far off that point, so I don’t want this Sunday to be any different.     Scrooge? Lucky? Deluded? You decide!


PS – What AM I going to do on Sunday? I hear you ask…   Walk the dog on the beach, go and see some bands playing at The Sloop in the afternoon, have a curry in the evening. My idea of a great day!


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