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October 20, 2014

Christmas Present ideas for 2014

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My traditional list of best ones I can find

These were the cheapest prices I could find for the items, but…

  1. If any of the links no longer work, out of stock etc, then just google the description to find them from somewhere else.
  2. Also I haven’t checked the postage so if that’s a rip off then also google for other suppliers.
  3. Also while you’re on these sites you can see what else they have!
    • Light up glasses – see while you read or work in bad light  £3.50
    • Mouse mat that’s a real persian carpet – beautiful, and works well too  £15
    • Earplugs in a little tube on your keyring – with three levels of sound reduction – great for gigs etc  £18 but your ears are worth it!
    • 4 chemistry-style fun shot glasses  £10
    • This glass of milk light seems a bargain for £10
    • Tea man who dangles into your cup – fun and useful – £10
    • Candle that smells brilliant.  The ultimate classy candle.  It used to be called “Library” but boringly they’ve renamed it True Grace.  £25 but worth it!
    • Periodic Table of Texting mug – I need this to know what’s going on!   £7
    • Book of bad taxidermy – just hilarious!  Probably not suitable for a cat lover without a sense of humour….  £6
    • Finger nose hair trimmer – useful and funny, like my training courses, so therefore I want one.  £8
    • Penny Farthing sellotape dispenser – quite stylish actually.  £7
    • Wooden Guitar spoons for people who like both cooking and music… £10 for the pair
    • Secret box which looks like a book – for hiding things in your car, on your desk, where ever   £13
    • Coin counting jar – I’ve always wanted one of these!  This one is shaped like a pig and is only £6
    • I had a bug zapper before which was fragile when you swung it around, and not every powerful.  This one costs double but is The Business!  £11
    • For a trekkie this pizza cutter is a must.  £25
    • Kitchen timer that changes colour when the time is nearly up – fun and useful – £17
    • When I was about 9 I loved a game called Howzatt, a cricket game using two metal hexagonal prism dice.  These are modern versions for cricket and rugby (though it IS Rugby League).  I reckon any nerdy kid would love them!  £9 each
    • For the business or leisure traveller, some expensive but nice bags here
    • Go to sleep listening to headphones hidden in a soft headband – not cheap, but you need the wireless ones’ I think. I’ve not tried them but they look comfy enough.   £57
    • Card suits nibble bowls – cooler than they sound!  £13 for the set of 4
    • Ladies toolkit – now, obviously anyone should really get a set of the best tools (molewrench etc) and not in pink, but for a starter kit, maybe a youngish girl showing an interest, this might be a good present – £25  This one also looks good if you can find it.
    • a tin that looks like an Aga.  Classy, and people who have agas always love them and they might like this too  £10
    • Carry lots of garden or tool stuff in this little bag with lots of pockets – I know my mum would like this!  £15
    • The egg skelter is fun but also means you can rotate your eggs and eat the oldest first.  £20
    • monster eating garden gnomes for £25
    • If you have to move your jigsaw off a table half way through its maddening, and this could be the answer!  £10
    • If you live in London or visit it sometimes then these books look good – places and shops you shouldn’t miss – £11 each
    • Could be the answer to the Christmas pudding that won’t light, or stay alight?  £3
    • This biscuit tray is rather freaky  £10
    • Great desk accessory – a seal balancing a pen on his nose!  £13
    • One garden gimmick that I really do use – great for picking up hedge trimmings or leaves   £3.50
    • I greatly enjoy my subscription to Graze.  Very good for when you’re driving, or travelling, and want to be a bit healthy.  A fortnightly delivery would make a good present.
    • I use this keyboard all the time and people always go “ooh”.  £45 from amazon and my phone is almost as good as an ipad or laptop.  Better in someways – longer battery life, better keyboard for typing than an ipad, lighter and smaller than a laptop.
    • My success diary 2015 – £5, A5 sized
    • My happiness daily tips book – something for every day of the year, which can be used for ever – £10
    • Dog calendars.
    • Off centre umbrella 
    • Calendar of Britain’s Dullest Men
    • Keep half finished tomatoes, onions, avocado and lemon fresh without horrible clingfilm etc – £5 each
    • You Are Here cushion    £20
    • Pashmina infinity scarf £18 plus postage
    • For some reason I love this Chicken purse – looks better as it gets fatter.  £9  There’s a handbag too but I think there’s a limit….
    • If you’re a skier then this beard / scarf is both hilarious and practical, though £25 is quite a lot and I think you’d need to be a good skier to carry it off
    • I really want this Stone Face tissue holder – easter island lives on, though somewhat sacrilegious.  £19
    • Tissue box covers – pointless unless they are fun:  house with smoke £8.50    A pity this one seems to be out of stock at the moment
    • puzzle that’s both beautiful and quite hard, and only £7
    • A good present is something you want but can’t justify buying for yourself – and such is the magic rope wine bottle holder.  Only £5
    • A fun combination lock for £7
    • A rather cool waterproof beanie hat – there are lots of designs and prices if you google this, but I know that Sealskinz really are waterproof and this one looks good too – £28
    • For the keen cyclist who wants to keep fit in the winter – go as fast as you like, safely, without having to dismantle any parts of your bike – £46  there are posher ones with computerised readouts etc too.
    • Grippy pad for your phone in your car – a fun cheap present at £7, and very useful
    • I’ve got one of these folding saws and it’s amazing how useful I have found it – £10
    • I do have a bit of a fascination for combination locks, and I like this idea – a bolt for your shed or side gate with a combination lock on it.  £12
    • £40 is quite a lot, but this impossible-to-spill tray could be great for people who are older (or just clumsy!), or who eat out in the garden a lot.
    • Kitchen magnetic whiteboard weekly planner – these words are all music to my ears! – £15
    • One of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen, this musical birthday hat is pretty funny and for £7 I think it could be justified.
    • For under £20 a machine that spews out popcorn almost instantly!
    • Chemistry Beer Glass –  extra cool after than breaking bad series.  £12
    • Geeky Mug with The Element of Surprise on it.  There’s also an Omg one.  £8

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