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September 29, 2010

Did we get the wrong Milliband?

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Sorry Ed, nice guy, but he just doesn’t have it. Charisma is a woolly word, I need to think about what precisely he doesn’t have, but certainly he talks as if he’s got something in his mouth, and he doesn’t pronounce the letter T on the end of words like ‘want’ and ‘right’ as if trying to get a false matey-ness, like Blair used to. Watching for footage of David M I’m struck by how sharp and almost cool he is compared to his teddy bear brother.

So that’s Labour in the doldrums for another four or eight years.

Not that any of iit matters really, with everyone moving to the centre, and the coalition pulling in both directions and ending up in the centre.

They’re all plastic, and they’re all the same. Might as well ignore the circus and get on with life.

Which I think is probably good news.


September 19, 2010

Why the Pope irritates me

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Actually, it’s not really his fault, it’s all the people who insist on believing that he’s only one step from God, when quite clearly he’s just an old bloke who’s a bit out of touch, has a slightly dubious past, is a very poor manager (the child molestation covering up saga shows that he doesn’t really have a grip of what goes on, and he’s not done much to sort it out – how about giving a list of all offenders to the police? not doing so is surely breaking the law?) anyway, he’s just a rather weird relic from the past. They still publish stuff in Latin!

And either he or the arch bishop of Canterbury (too hairy!) can’t be God’s right hand man, since they disagree on fundamental things like whether women should be allowed to be priests – and if one is definitely not really in touch with god, they could easily both not be… – (by the way, how can women be Catholics when they are joining something that says they are inferior? Maybe they ARE if they are stupid enough to join??).

But then of course they don’t join, the vast majority are indoctrinated as children before they are old enough to reason logically, and then it’s too late, only the strongest can break free.

So if God exists, he’s not got a very good dealership on earth. The top man is way out of touch, and the lower levels aren’t great either. Many people have told me how the nuns who ran their school weren’t exactly angels, more like sadists. How could we atheists live without a moral framework? Well, I think we probably run our schools less cruelly for a start!

I suppose you could give the pope credit for sticking to his beliefs, even as they get more and more out of date. He’s sticking to his anti-gay, anti life-saving genetic medical research, anti contraception (and thus spreading AIDS and overpopulation = starvation in Africa etc), and anti women priests. For a religion that preaches tolerance, (the very name catholic means that), he’s not got it quite right. I’m sure if Jesus were on earth today he’d be tolerant of all minorities, including gays – after all, it can be shown genetically that it’s not some “decadent” choice, but it’s how God made them (if you believe in a creator). Why would God punish them for the way He made them??

But in the end it’s good that his visit is happening. It shows that we are not a third world country, whatever his advisors say – we welcome free speech and all religions, and we’re grown up enough to let people choose their own way of living their lives.

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