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November 2, 2012

Christmas Present Suggestions

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Good time management means getting all your presents in before December – you can do it!  And here is some help, at least in the form of Things That I Like!

I like the huge draught excluder slug at the bottom – £20

Dalek dress £55

Make your hands huge for scooping up dead leaves    only £2!

This looks like a really good air guitar – I’ve not tried it but it does minor chords and 7ths so it could be a great toy  £20

This roll-out piano looks amazing, though for £60 I’d want to try it first   could be great for those of us who travel a lot

For people with cold feet or cold houses these microwaveable slipper / boots look great £15

Self stirring mug £10

Scratch map   £15

if we have another cold winter then these could be good to have in the car or by the front door

Eye clock  £20

Make your door way into a pull up bar – this has a really nice design that makes it safe, unlike the bars that just screw outwards £20

Bat pegs £2 each

Heatable polar bear   £10

Not squirrel proof but a beautiful bird feeder £20

Nice Spitfire cufflinks £12

Macro and wide angle lens for mobile phone  £20

The best LED keyring torch  £14

Sit your phone on this and the music it is playing will be much louder – with no batteries needed.  £10

These Vermont house LED candle holders (nicer than they sound) do it for me £25 for the three

Haikubes £18 for the poets out there (if you’re not sure what a Haiku is, check these out

Set of six really nice bird mugs for £10 each

This pen records sound and video while in your top pocket – just like a real spy!  £30

Not cheap at £40 but there’s something about this prayer wheel pendant…

Totally silly but maybe students will like this cone that tells people to give the toilet a few minutes to de-fume

I think geeks will love this USB hub skull / bowl

This joke mug is stupid, hilarious, obvious really but I’ve never seen it before  – bargain for £7

Terrorist tea pot   £25

Digital luggage scales £13 – in these days of Ryanair fining you huge amounts for being slightly over, these seem like a good investment.  Take them with you on holiday so you can check you’re OK for the return flight with all your souvenirs…

Be traditional and get a board game – my favourite at the moment is Carcassonne £20 which is easy to learn and very beautiful.

Chocolate fix looks interesting £13

and a great game for all ages is Labyrinth £15

and the card version is a completely different game, only £7, portable and also great

I also love Quoridor £23 beautiful wooden maze game

and if you haven’t seen Rush hour (£13) then you must get that!

One silver love heart  £20

I liked this gold bullion door stop last year and I still like it now £10

Not very exciting but extremely useful would be a decent size USB stick.  Although 32GB ones are around, it’s the 16s that a real bargain – look at this 16GB stick for £7   or you could get this very beautiful rugged keyring one for £27

This is really heavy (metal) and well made, and useful too – a handbag shaped post-it note dispenser for your desk, £9:

Memo Mountain – wacky memo cork board with trees as pins £10

Silver spinning meditation ring – great to fiddle with, can very cool – £40

And a really cool time management spinning ring only £11

If you wanted to push the boat out you could get a Nite watch   I’m loving mine – it’s so bright in the dark that I can almost use it as a torch, and I can see the time even when really groggy in the morning.

You can find last year’s list here

nearly all are still relevant and available I think.


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