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November 24, 2013

Conspiracy or Stupidity?

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Let’s not worry about the big ones – JFK, Landing on the moon etc.  there are small ones happening now which are more important and insidious.  Here are some areas where I think there may be more going on that meets the eye…

Giving the NHS to the GPs to run – surely something as stupid as this must have an ulterior motive?  Many people within the NHS believe that the government is deliberately trying to destroy the NHS and can do it without getting the blame by handing it to the private sector.  They have already effectively privatised dentists without anyone really noticing.  Why would they want to destroy the NHS?  Because it’s too expensive for the government to pay for, and with the population ageing the problem is going to get worse, so ideally (for the ruling class) the poorer classes would have to pay for their own care via private insurance etc and then the rich only have to look after themselves – they won’t miss the NHS because they can go private in luxury, without having to support the poor.

Could the focus on the state of the economy and the public sector spending cuts, particularly the Local Government cuts, have been a problem that’s exaggerated in order to pursue a right wing agenda of reducing the public sector so that there can be more central government control and a shift towards less state spending on the poor?

Speed cameras certainly aren’t a safety thing, there are a money making exercise.

Iran / Iraq / Afghanistan – we all know it’s about the oil.  Getting control of supply and getting our oil companies in there to get the profits.  A shame that some of our brave soldiers have had to die in the process.  There’s also the USA poodle factor – we have to stray on side with the US because we need their support for trade and in military terms, so we are their poodle but don’t’ want to admit that, so various lies have to be told in parliament.

Global warming – or is it climate change – or is it ‘more extreme weather events’ (though we’ve always had these!) (and ones that don’t fit are written off as just short term weather while ones that do fit are ascribed to showing the trend towards climate change).  Maybe the climate is changing, maybe it’s not – and if it is, then maybe it’s not entirely or even partly due to human activity.  And even if it is, can we do anything about it?  Could it be that it suits the government to have us worried about something, – it takes our minds of other problems like over-population and fish depletion and pollution and the dumbing down of education and government incompetence – and gives them permission to do certain things, like reinstate the nuclear industry, or whatever?  I’m not clever enough to know what their ulterior motive is, but something smells fishy.

“Flying isn’t green” – do they want us to travel left, for control reasons or to reduce congestion of airports so the rich can use them more easily?  I just don’t believe that planes are a significant user of fuel or polluter, in fact they use less fuel per passenger mile than cars, and there are a LOT more cars around.  No, there’s something else going on here.

Energy Prices – a bit like Emilie Sande and Mylie Cyrus who seem to have brilliant PR managers, this story keeps getting pushed into the news, and why would that be?  My guess is that they are paving the way for nuclear power (which I personally am in favour of anyway, but that’s not the point, most people are against it), but there may be another reason too.  Certainly the coal mines were closed down for political reasons rather than economic ones, and maybe this is part of some longer game. Getting us to frack the north west? Getting us to buy EU power so the MEPs can stay at the trough?  Getting us to keep paying lots of tax on our energy while blaming the price on the producers?   I guess the real reasons will be clear once it’s too late…

So people, what did I miss?



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I just watched a rather irritating TV programme where they had people phoning in to say whether immigration is good or bad, and in fact the TV programme had done some research and it was something like 80% of people thought immigration was a bad thing. (Well done to the 20% of people who had managed to realise that we’re all immigrants if you go far back enough, and our uniquely rich culture comes from the diversity of adding up everything from nordic language to curry, reggae music to genetic variation).

So the question was “Is immigration good or bad?”

But of course that survey totally missed the point which is that too much immigration is bad, but too little is ALSO bad. The question we SHOULD be thinking about is “What’s the optimum point?” or at least “How much is too much?” – what’s the acceptable range. And then we can work out how to aim for that.

I do fear unlimited immigration, and I do fear that next January we might get overloaded with people from Romania and Bulgaria, or that we gradually get swamped over the next 5-20 years, because there is a maximum rate that we can assimilate new people, but I don’t know what that maximum rate is, and I don’t know if my fears are founded or unfounded. And nobody is even allowed to talk about it without being branded racist.

So the thinking person’s position should be:
a) it’s not about race, it’s about numbers – of any type / colour / race / creed.
b) it’s not about keeping people out, it’s about working out what is the maximum number of people we can welcome in.

November 19, 2013

Two cartoons – The Inadvertent Saboteur

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Spectator SyndromeYou can do better than that


Meet the ‘Inadvertent’ Saboteur

…the person constantly undermining your best efforts to improve your business performance.  But be aware, he is all around you, and, sometimes, he IS you! 

Do you recognise this pattern of behaviour?  

If you choose, you can follow the Inadvertent Saboteur on Twitter @InadvrtSaboteur
Follow his blog at 
Or connect with him on LinkedIn, search The Inadvertent Saboteur



November 4, 2013

All time best rock and pop videos

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AHA – take on me

Peter Gabriel Sledgehammer

Jamiroquai – Virtual Insanity


Foo fighters – The Pretender

Addicted to love
You can call me al

Kylie – Can’t get you out of my head
come into my world
love at first sight

Chic – Le Freak

George Michael – Fastlove

Daft Punk

Robin Thicke

Peter Gabriel Sledgehammer

Madonna – Vogue

Rock DJ
let me entertain you

Gangam Style

Saturday night fever: Night fever
Stayin alive

Billie Jean

Your’e the one I want – Grease

Where the hell is Matt

Oasis – d’y’know what I mean

Bowie – ashes to ashes
– let’s dance

Teen Spirit

Another brick in the wall

Boogie Pimps –

INXS – need you tonight

Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams

Beyonce Crazy in Love

Jessie J – the money –

Start Me up
Miss you

Madness – house of fun
one step beyond

Foo fighters – learn to fly
The Pretender
best of you

Stacey’s Mum

Call me maybe – girls
split screen –

Nelly – Ride wit me
Hot in here

U2 – Vertigo
– Get on your boots

Missie Elliot – Get Yr Freak on –

Bob Dylan – subterranean homesick blues


Little talks

Bryan Adams – run to you

Electric Six – gay bar
high voltage

Kelis – Milkshake

Darkness – Thing called love

OK Go – on running machines

Red Hot Chili peppers – Can’t stop –

White stripes – seven nation army –

Utah Saints – Running man –

Satisfaction (power tools)

Macklemore – Thrift Shop

Rihanna – Rube Boy
Eric Prydz – Call On Me –
Britney – Toxic

Grace Jones – Private Life –


all saints – never ever

Queen – I want to break free –

3oh3 -0 Starstrukk–10EYXw

Azealia Banks – 212

Will Young – your game

Green drummer girls


what did I miss??

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