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October 16, 2013

Christmas Present Ideas 2013

Set of 8 different coffee spoons £30 – very beautiful!


cheap and fun way to make your keys easier to find


Increased safety when running or cycling at night – £14

.. and look at all those other buffs!

Handbag that holds a secret wine box

£45    So many places you could use this!


Hilarious calendar: hot guys with baby animals:    £8


I’ve got one of these and I love it

It can charge my iphone 5 times, (or any other phone or ipod etc) so if I’m away for a few days I don’t need to worry about power


Slippers that look like cool converse sneakers


And crocs that also look like cool sneakers, but have lovely comfortable soles

£30  But what’s a cooler colour, black or red??

Our waffle maker has delighted kids, visitors, and me for about 20 years now.  The best £20 ever

How about a pink one?

Most people reckon the new Bridget Jones is hilarious.  If it’s half as good as the others then it’ll be LOL

Six crazy golf balls for £13

Not sure if you’d be allowed to use them at a club, but I love them

Practical and also made me laugh – the crime scene beach towel – and it’s only £8

Animal face t-shirts ~ I’ve not seen them on a person yet, but in the pictures they are pretty spectacular


This little speaker is really loud, and you don’t even need a wire – it picks up what your phone is playing and belts it out.  Can use outside etc


Wearable 4GB flash drive

possibly more suitable for ladies, but whom am I to presume?

these passive phone speakers are an interesting idea – no batteries needed, and they do work

Window bird feeder

£11 and you’re supporting the RSPB too, which is nice.

Or this ones a bit posher


I’ve got one of these ( the cheaper one ) and they discovered it very quickly, and you do get an amazing close up view of birds.  I really like it.  And despite being held on with just suckers, it hasn’t dropped off yet.

Tetris light that you can plug together in lots of ways – £23

Rugby ball wash bag – well, I think it’s cool

Not cheap at £30, and possibly not great for compartments and mildew, but still, it’s so manly!

What I’d really like is a Go-Pro for £300, but for occasional use this £25 camera might be good enough

You can put it on your cat or dog and see where they go, or use the motion activated feature to investigate , well, anything really.

and it films for 2 hours which seems plenty.

At the boat show I was really impressed by a man standing in a tank of water is just some socks – they were SealSkinz “7, merino lined.

They also make gloves and hats.  A baseball cap that was waterproof would be quite a useful thing to have, I reckon £22

(for cool people they have beanies as well)

Great skirts

this one is my wife’s favourite:

These little sub-packages allow you to find your socks etc when you’re travelling with a large suitcase – you don’t want everything just flopping around loose in there do you?

Not very glamorous as presents go, but I think i might as, for some for myself this year.  £13

Of the many jokey toilet books this seems to be the one that most people like – visitors are always outraged that it says Bob Dylan is a waste of time.  but apart from that, which is clearly an error, its targets are spot on. £8

Save the life of a deer, maybe, as well as being safer when you drive – this is a really interesting gadget.


Possibly only for children (or men), luminous laces are only £3

You’d be mad not to have one of these, because sooner or later you’ll get locked out, it always happens

Needs a garden to be effective though!

This one seems big enough to hold most sizes of key.  £6

I wish I could afford the £40 for one of these

It has an aeration vent and an omni-gasket – how have I lived so long without those??

My gadget of the year, in terms of actual amount I’ve used it, without even changing the batteries yet, is my bluetooth keyboard which types straight into my iPhone, making it almost as good as a lap top.  £37.  works with any bluetooth phone.  Great for travelling light, using on trains, or abroad.  Full size and really nice to type on.

Folding ones are interesting but I think might be prone to breaking, and less good to type on?

Big thanks to Guy Osmond of for showing it to me in the first place.

For all your royalist relatives, how about a solar-powered waving queen?


How about a ‘Hogitat’ hedgehog shelter for £19

They need help at the moment, and how exciting if/when one moves in!

A chemistry-based necklace with a time management theme!

Pity it’s £70. but then it is Christmas…

Solar System necklace £20

Will your friends realise what it is?

Amazing colours-in-bottles necklace £20

For people with a bit of OCD, like me, these pictures of coloured things neatly organised are really nice  £12-£15

I can’t decide if I prefer teh Garden Collection of the Sugar Series…

£80 but beautiful, especially if you like red wine (and Chemistry!)

Pandora bracelet bead charm made with the real footprint or handprint of your own children £40 – £65

Book scarf! £27

Personally I love a nice fleece-lined buff

Swedart bracelets are very in at the moment

Funky watch bracelets

Compass ring with secret word inside

Mobius one sided bangle with Buddhist peace prayer

£85 but then it is solid silver

Have your own handwriting, or loved one (deceased parents?) immortalised in jewellery[]=tags&q=handwriting+jewelry

3D printed  Icosohedron with captured sphere

pendant £22

Amazing 3D printed object


I wish I was cool enough to wear this men’s version of pandora


or this for £80

or this for £27

Expensive but beautiful

Maybe for your cool teenage kids?

A nice personalised jobs to do list chalk board for your kitchen £22

some brilliant fun hats!

and finally, the must-have item of 2013:

David Cameron pants for £16


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