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August 7, 2013

Keeping notes on your phone

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Where do you put notes of things like films you want to see, which curry is the best, the size and pressure of your tyres, who was who at a meeting, etc?

Ideally you would have notes visible on your phone, PC, iPad, whatever you are using, and any changes would sync via the cloud. And you could access your stuff on your phone even when you don’t have a signal.  Like an old PalmPilot, does anyone remember them?  (They had all of the above except the cloud – and they weren’t a phone, but they did have games and apps)

I have been happily using Catch for a few years, but OH NO, they are discontinuing it.  Aaargh!

I have about 1500 records on Catch, which can (in theory!) be exported from Catch and then imported into something else.  But what?

Evernote: with the free version you can’t view your notes off line, and my phone doesn’t always have a signal.  The paid for version is quite expensive, about £30/year, but it is very nice.  You can also have tables, whatever fonts you like, and add pictures and sound files to any of your notes.  You can use your phone when off line to view notes (if you pay), and also your laptop to view notes when offline (free) because Evernote has it’s own bit of software that stores and shows the notes.  I think the laptop software works offline even on the free version.

Google Keep – has no import function and you can’t add new notes offline.  You can view them though.  Feels unfinished.

Simplenote – you can use it offline but you can’t attach pictures or sound (voice memos).  The interface is pretty clunky too, you can search but not sort, and you can’t have subfolders.

It’s looking like I’ll have to fork out for Evernote, which is great but expensive and probably too complicated for what I need.

Does anyone know of anything else?

Oh yes, thanks guys for reminding me about Apple notes (comes on every phone and ipad, and can be viewed on a PC.  On the plus side it stores the notes in the cloud so you can see them on any device, but only if you have a connection (PC) – that’s quite a big minus.  They still work on your phone/iPad without internet, which is good.  Only one font, and no pictures/sound (surprising how useful it is to attach photo from your phone of things), and no import/export if you want to migrate in or out of it some day, and of course, apple only.  But the iCloud sync does work really well, and it’s beautiful to look at, as you’d expect.  So good old apple is pretty good and comes second only to Evernote.

I’ll miss Catch!



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