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September 29, 2014


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It’s taken me 20 years to work out my USP.

Most people start with a USP and then deliver it, doing what they do from a market-led point of view. Some have a bunch of catch-all platitudes: “My five values are…”.   But I can only do what I do – just be me. But I think I’ve worked out now what it is that I do differently.

If you look at the training market:

Some courses aren’t even practical, they’re just a load of theory without it having been through the “So What?” test. Everything in all of my courses has been through this filter. That’s my rule number 1.

Many courses aren’t fun. When did you last go on a fun Project Management course??  Mine is!  Ask anyone who’s been on it!

Very few courses are philosophical. “Why bother with Time Management?”, “Does it matter if you’re a horrible boss if you get good results?”, “Can happiness be added into all management subjects?”, “What’s the relationship between Stress, Achievement, and Quality of Life?”, “Can you ever really separate work and home life?”, “Do you HAVE to enjoy your work?”, “Can a training course change someone’s life?”. People who’ve been on mine will tell you that my courses really are philosophical, but in a way that is practical and fun.



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