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April 10, 2014

Making training more effective

Reasons why training sometimes doesn’t make a difference:

(or as much of a dfference as it could and should)


The main two are ‘me’ and ‘them’:


Me:  “I already do it” (but do you??) / “I already know it” (but you don’t do it!)

Them:  “I would like to do it but I can’t, because of…

a) not enough time

b) it won’t work in our system the way it is at the moment

c) my boss won’t allow it or will undermine it.



Actions required to prevent or counteract the above:

Managers of those being trained need to do this before:

  • Let each person know what they need to change – why they have been selected for the training.  We all have problems that were not aware of, and might do something about them if they were explained to us.
  • Say they want to see a list of planned actions after the training


And this after:

  • Ask the trainer what behaviour changes you could expect to see
  • Ask each delegate “What are you going to do as a result of the training?”
  • And “What are you planning to do as a result of the training?”
  • Later ask “How are you getting on with your planned changes?”
  • If they aren’t doing things right – tell them they need to change
  • Ask “What are the barriers to you doing the things you were shown on the training?”
  • Ask “How can I help with things you already/now know, but aren’t able to do, for whatever reason”
  • Show them / help them if necessary
  • Make sure you are a textbook role model yourself!

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