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January 29, 2014

Net Promoter Score – what you need to know about how it really works

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I discovered something surprising about Net Promoter Scores and they way they are calculated.  The system is as follows:

10 – Promoter
9 – Promoter
8 – Neutral
7 – Neutral
6 – Detractor
5 – Detractor
4 – Detractor
3 – Detractor
2 – Detractor
1 – Detractor
And then your score is calculated by the ratio of promoters to detractors.
So if you give your company a score of 8 because you think it’s good, you are actually NOT promoting it!  And if you give it six, because you feel OK about it, or 5 because you are neutral about it, you are actually detracting, and cancelling out one of the rare 9-10 promoters!
This means that if you want to say your company is good you have to give it 9 or 10, nothing else will do.
Conversely, although it’s fine to slag it off if you want to, don’t accidentally slag it off by giving it 5 or 6.
Also you customers and your team members (there is now a thing called an Employee Net Promoter Score) need to know that if they think the company is good then they have to give it a score of 9 or 10, nothing else will do, and that even a 6 is detracting from the score and cancelling our a 9-10.
Tell them this! I don’t think it’s cheating to tell them – they need to know the meaning of their vote.
The best way to do this is to give them a coloured sheet with green amber and red, to show what’s what.
If other companies don’t realise how it actually works, and don’t tell their customers and employees, then you’ll be ahead of the game.
Of course, ideally you’d get real scores of 9 or 10, but in the UK I think it’s hard – we like to keep a few points back just in case, and from a British person 8 is praise indeed!

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