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August 26, 2013

Possible life plans

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Hi everyone

I’ve been thinking about whether I would advise my kids to have a career like I had, or to go self employed like I am now, or something else. And looking at what my various friends have done with their lives, there seem to be certain patterns or shapes to people’s lives, as follows: (can you see yourself there?)

Blue chip career ~ upwards towards management. Staying in one company or passing through many

Use your skill for life. e.g. Engineer. Expert in your niche. Gives you some security.

Self employed – lifestyle business where you don’t employ anyone else, you just earn decent money doing your thing.

Build own company for sale – and then retire, or do another one!

Drop out from system, focus on a hobby eg music. Maybe do some basic work, that you don’t care about, just to keep solvent.

Combining work and hobby eg professional musician

Continuous study ~ search for a (mythical?) meal ticket, or for status from qualifications, or to avoid a job and the pressure of a career, or just because you love learning

Focus on family and house – work is something boring that is not important

Crazy changes throughout your life as you search restlessly for the perfect thing – which may or may not be out there

Burn out in some high pressure job, but save enough money to retire early

Second life: ~ semi retire early and do the thing you’ve always wanted to do


So – what did I miss?


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