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May 30, 2013

Coaching – practical subjects to cover

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Here are some areas of management which I find people often need help with when I coach them:

Time: The five options when you’re too busy
The right way to delegate
Alternatives to delegation – when people aren’t quite ready to be trusted
How to monitor and control without interfering
Self organisation – what kind of lists work beset
Motivation- how good are you, really?
How can I motivate my team better so they work harder even when I’m not around
‘Monkeys’ (when your team give YOU work) and how to deal with them
Types of person and what motivates them
What to do if someone refuses to do a job
What to do if someone is OK but not really good enough
What should a manager be doing every day, every week and every month?
The four step process for telling people things they don’t want to hear
How to deal with hostile body language
Games players – spotting them and dealing with them
The management potato
The cost of quality (maybe it would be cheaper to do things better??)
How to fend off an over-demanding boss
Managing a boss who doesn’t give any praise
Putting a financial case in order to make change happen
Meetings – how to run a meeting well, and what to do if they are badly run by someone else



  1. I’d be interested in knowing more about Games players – sounds intriguing…

    Comment by Alesandra Blakeston — June 4, 2013 @ 8:20 am

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