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January 7, 2013

What to do if your project is going pear-shaped

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A slightly experimental and unfinished list, but one which I hope you will still find useful (and may want to add to!)

What to do if your project is going pear-shaped:

Customer options
(one or more of the following)

wait for them to finish
agree new timescales
find someone else (maybe start looking secretly)
ditch the project so we no longer need it
sue them
get more visibility of what they’re doing
take more control
take it over and finish it yourself
negotiate to reduce the price
do some work ourselves to help them finish it
give them more money to help them finish it faster
agree to reduced quality

Supplier options

slip the project (quality remains OK but delivery is late)
crash the project (throw resources at it – time is OK but cost goes up)
reduce quality in order to achieve time and cost promises
decide whether to tell the customer what you are doing – if in doubt, tell them!
stop and end it (and take the flak)
deliver what you have & let the customer finish it
buy in an answer from someone else / subcontract
buy in a team who can help you do it
believe in what you have (add more resources and hope to solve)
renegotiate contracts – price / cost / quality
restart from scratch
do the minimum to fulfill the contract (bit of a last resort!)

what did I miss?



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