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January 2, 2013

Board Games I love

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Some are out of print now but you might find them on ebay


Hare & Tortoise – funny race game with no dice

Cul De Sac – two player maze creation game

Diplomacy – the ultimate game of deals and deceit – takes 2 days!!

Adel Verpflichtet – hilarious auction thieving bluff game

Scotland Yard – one person tries to escape and all the others try to find him

Laska – great improved version of draughts / checkers

Havannah – two player hexagonal linking game

G0 – the greatest game of all, and simply beautiful

DaVinci Code game – guess which numbers the other people have – nice deduction game

Six Day Race (aka 6-tage rennen) – Cycling race game that is clever and simple, with slipstreaming and no dice

Pit – hilarious and loud card game

Press Ups (1974) – first to press down their coloured pegs wins – abstract game

Foxy (1977)  – slide a tube over the board trying to get rid of your pieces as the fall into the empty holes

Labyrinth – tile sliding game

Labyrinth card game – different to the above and also brilliant



and sociable puzzles I love are…………………………

Rush  Hour / Safari rush hour

Hot spot

Lunar Lockout

Chocolate Fix



  1. Chris, fantastic! I saw the title of your blog and was going to leave a message saying you had missed GO, here I was presuming you (like most) wouldn’t have known about it but there it is. Your description is spot on too: greatest game of all. We should play some time.

    Also one of my favourites is Wealth of Nations – monopoly type game. Pit is great fun and another excellent one for the brain is SET. Honourable mentions deserved for Rummikub, and last but not least Risk. Catch you soon!

    Comment by Matthew — January 2, 2013 @ 8:44 pm

    • yes, I’ve seen Wealth of Nations but never played it. Looks good. I don’t like Monopoly at all though! Risk is OK but I feel it’s sub-Diplomacy, if people are going to collude you might as well make it part of the game and do it properly! I should really have put Go first or last, but in the end it got hidden in the list. Haven’t played for years now, but sometimes look at my book of Tesuji tactics and marvel at the elegance…. Will check out SET – sounds intriguing!

      Comment by chriscroft — January 2, 2013 @ 9:42 pm

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