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June 18, 2012

My little rant against racism

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There’s been some racism in the Euro football, as usual, and as always I’m baffled by it.  Totally baffled.

What do racists make of someone like Beyonce or Halle Berry, who is a) mixed race (where do they draw the line?  is 25% black OK?  1%?) and b) undeniably attractive?

What about Donna Summer or Ashwarya Rai or Sade or Tina Turner or Naomi Campbell, or any one of many beautiful non-white women – do they claim to not find any of them attractive?

And is Mexican OK?  (Salma Hayek, Eva Longoria).  If no, then what about Spanish or Italian? If no, what about Swedish?  Or Brazilian?  Venezuelan??

and do they hate Miles Davis or Jimi Hendrix despite their great music?  What if they like a band and then discover later that they are black – do they change their mind?  How do they live with that?

How do they feel about black footballers scoring for England?

I wonder if they know that Ryan Giggs is not entirely white….

How do they feel about the fact that they can’t tell if people are Polish or Scandinavian by the colour of their skin, so they can’t tell who’s foreign and who isn’t?  Are they against all immigrants or only ones who look different?

How do they feel about the fact than many non-white people in the UK are much more English than for example me (I’m only 50% English because I have a 100% foreign mother, but you can’t tell I’m only half English because my mother is white.  Does that make it OK, if so why, and if not, then does it worry them that they can’t tell?).  Many non white Brits were born here and have lived here all their lives, and have parents who were born here and have lived here all their lives.  Surely they are English / British?  At what point does someone become British?

Do they realise that their own blood lines all end up being from abroad if you go back far enough, (in many cases not very far at all) so how many generations does it take to be “properly British”?

Would they turn down a more competent (say) Indian doctor for a less competent white one?  Really, if their life was at stake?

How great it would be to have a pet racist that one could examine in a laboratory!


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  1. I love this post. And I am left slightly depressed by the probability that those racists mentioned will not understand even a small percentage of the questions………..

    Comment by Bernie Mayall — June 19, 2012 @ 6:51 am

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