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December 10, 2011

Vietnam and Cambodia

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Just back from 2 weeks cycling, organised (excellently as always) by Explore

As always I’m thinking “Was it a good holiday?”  “What did I want to get from it, and did I get it?” etc

So here’s a summary that may amuse:


Did I like the countries? – Yes

Did I like the people? – Yes – much more than I expected in fact

Would I go there again? – no, been there and done it – it didn’t have the (very rare) India Factor of “Fallen in love with it, Must go back”

Did it all go to plan? Yes, long flight was no hassle, no accidents, didn’t get ill etc

Did I like the other people on the trip – Yes

Will I see them again? – Probably not, though if they lived near then certainly I would like to

Do I now feel refreshed and relaxed? – No, more like knackered and well behind on my emails!

Am I feeling super fit from the cycling? – Not really, though it must have been good for me

Have I learned a bit more about the world – Certainly yes, I knew embarrassingly little about these two countries.  I was really impressed by both.  The Vietnamese were tough and organised and friendly if you approached them, while the Cambodians were friendly and charming, amazing considering what they’ve been through.

Was I gobsmacked by Angkor Wat, one of the wonders of the world? – Not really.  The other temples were better.  I think Tikal was better.  But the other temples in the Angkor area were a real treat – remote, beautiful, spooky, intricately carved, peaceful etc

Was it worth going – certainly

Will I lounge on a beach for my next holiday? – Probably!  But then I always say that….







  1. Quite a trip. I only got to Vietnam once, and liked it and was impressed – which are not always the same thing. I really do hanker to see more. I adored the food and the coffee, enjoyed the art, was impressed by the entrepreneurial energy of the place, and liked the faint whiff of Gauloises that still hangs over Hanoi – the baguettes, the shuttered windows, the old men in berets.

    In Cambodia I’ve only been to the Siem Reap area. I agree that Angkor is the central set-piece, but some of the surrounding temples are more alluring. (Bayon and the “Raiders of the Lost Ark” temple whose name I’ve forgotten.) The sacle of the city that was once here is gobsmacking, but you don’t see or feel it. Of the modern country, my impressions were less strong, and I was attracted than I was by Vietnam.

    Comment by Martin Herrington — December 10, 2011 @ 1:24 pm

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