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October 20, 2011

Our kids’ careers

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Is the world changing, or was it always like this and I’m just looking at it from a different (older!) angle?  That’s what we all wonder as we look at increasing crime (or not?), unsafe streets for our children to play in (or not?), kids spend their whole time playing violent computer games these days (or not) and watch too much TV instead of interacting with other humans, the press is rubbish, TV is all dumbed down, schools are dumbed down – if you read the Daily Mail you can really start believing this rubbish!

Though I think I do believe that careers are changing….

It seems to me that the top end careers are still there – doctors etc, and the bottom end careers (Argos stock room, pizza delivery) are still there, but there aren’t as many ways to bridge the gap.  The middle jobs have become a thin point, a constriction, rather than the fat bit where most people were.  Maybe the demise of manufacturing has partly caused this, and the delaying of management, and computerisation and the internet’s effect of automating jobs that are routine (many bank functions, travel agents etc).

But for whatever reason I do fear for the future of my kids and most of their friends, who are currently doing unnecessary degrees (50% of the population!) and therefore expecting to do interesting and well paid jobs.

Their holiday jobs and in some cases first job after Uni have been menial and boring, and I just can’t see how they can bridge the gap to where the interesting and well paid jobs are.  The days of management trainee schemes are long gone.

Will there be a crash as all these kids realise that they are doomed to a life of boring work and bad pay? …and if only they’d trained as a plumber or a hairdresser and got a trade – but to do even that requires several years of minimal pay.  Welcome to the real world as it is now – much harsher than when we fell lazily out of university straight into cushy milk-round management jobs.

Tell me I’m wrong about this!




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