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September 13, 2011

Things to NOT say when being interviewed for the Royal Navy

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I was remembering back to 1979 and thought I’d recall the key moments:

When one of your team falls off the plan into the imaginary crocodile swamp: “We never liked him much anyway, did we team?”
When being quizzed about geography in front of a huge map of the world: “Fair enough, I don’t know where the Malacca Straits are, but if I was captain of a warship I’d probably have a map”
When being asked about how you feel about the physical training at Dartmouth, yomping across fields with a 30kg back pack etc: “It’s not my idea of fun but I could do it”
When you have each presented a solution to the snowmobile logistics scenario and then have to discuss it as a group and come up with one plan: “His idea is the best one, let’s do that”
What asked what you’ll do if you don’t get in: “Then I’ll take one of the other jobs I’ve already been offered”


I’m sure the decision they made back then was correct. Clearly it was never my destiny……


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