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September 5, 2011

Optimism about training

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Pessimists never get disappointed, and they are perhaps more likely to make contingency plans, but even so, I just can’t BE one!   Every day must be so depressing for them…

Here’s an example – my views on training, my livelihood:   As the world falls apart economically (allegedly), people say that “Training is always the first thing to be cut”, but….

1 – Even if your customers halve their training budgets, you just mustn’t be in the bottom half – and if you ARE in the bottom half you might as well pack up and go home anyway.   (I think this applies to any business, not just training).

2 – There are always some sectors growing. In the past the Public sector have been fine, but now it’s reversed and as the Public Sector takes a dip the private sector is on the up. And even parts of the private sector do well in recessions, for example if people don’t move they do their houses up, etc.

3 – If people are cutting costs they need Project Management to help with the cost reduction projects (if you change anything it’s a project) and Time Management to do more with fewer people.

4 – If you’re getting rid of people, particularly with voluntary redundancy where the gaps appear at random in your structure, that means moving the existing ones to cover new areas, and doing more with fewer people – which is bound to mean training of the ones you are keeping.

5 – When the good times return there tends to be a pent up demand to for training – many times I have had customers put all training on hold for a year and then come back with twice as much. People have to be trained eventually. (Unless you’re going to pay them 20k and then not ever spend the £300 you need to make them effective).

6 – If there are gaps in my diary I use them for selling (neworking, doing free talks, getting back in touch with dormant customers, making more of an effort to follow up leads, pitching for business I wouldn’t normally have time to pitch for, etc) and also more time developing new products, courses, iPhone apps, making youtube videos, etc which will also lead to more work in the future. So there is a self-correcting mechanism there.

7 – In the past I’ve sometimes been a bit too busy, so a bit more time with my family, as the politicians say, might be good for me. Happiness is about time rather thaan money, so maybe a reduction in work would be good for me!

… There speaks a true optimist!



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