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April 28, 2011

Favourite countries to visit

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Personally I seem to have a thing about countries beginning with i:

Ireland, because it’s the friendliest place in the world – except possibly for…
India, which has those great people, great buildings, great food, warm weather, fab shopping, and just all round amazingness
In Europe the winner has to be Italy, with the weather food and people
Iceland is good too, certainly for one visit if not repeats – nowhere on earth is remotely like it.

Norway is the most beautiful country in the world and has to be seen – just don’t eat or drink anything there unless you are a millionaire!

And a vote has to go to Australia, for laid back easy sunshine, people more friendly than we are led to believe in the UK, and great outdoor activities if not architecture…

My oddball choice goes to Guatemala. Much better than I expected, with jungle pyramids, restful lake Atitlan, volcanoes, the superb Antigua, the incredible colours of clothing, and the friendly people.

Sorry Finland, Boston and SanFran, (the USA can’t be lumped in as one), Marrakesh, Peru, Greece (both Athens and the Greek Islands are pretty good), Holland, Denmark, and Nepal you nearly made it to division 1.

Still unknown, might be added later: Vietnam, Thailand, sub-Saharan Africa, Poland, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, China, and Japan

No comments either way on Germany, most of USA, Egypt (see the pyramids and then get out), and Canada

Down in the relegation zone are France and Spain, sorry guys, must try harder…


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