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April 4, 2011

Pet Hates

Filed under: Gadgets, Lists, Travel and driving — chriscroft @ 5:23 pm

OOOH, I’m Mr Angry of Parkstone! Here are just SOME of the things that really annoy me!

People driving with foglights on when it’s not foggy
People who put very bright rear foglights on when there is a tiny bit of rain, or…. fog
People with only one headlight working, especially when they put the one on full beam
Warning triangles right next to the car instead of way before you come upon the broken down car (“warning”)
Motorbikes that are slower than cars
Very loud little mopeds
People who sit for ages outside your house in their car / van / taxi with the engine idling

Hairs on soap
… which go round the back when you try to wash them off
Showers that are little more than a dribble
Showers that have sudden temperature fluctuations
Hairs in the plug hole
Upside-down light switches
Builders like Barratt who call their houses “Homes” – no, you are selling a HOUSE, I’LL decide when it’s a home

… who say “I’m not comfortable with that” and “I have issues with that”
… who try to make you drink more (what’s it to them?)
… who write on books
Being made to drink weird foreign drinks by friendly foreigners in order to prove your manliness


Upside down 8s on petrol station signs and house numbers
Houses which have no visible number so you can’t find the one you want
Cats who pretend to be friendly and then are suddenly vicious – make your minds up!
Badly attached buttons on new shirts
Supermarket trolleys that won’t go straight (making you look like a bad driver)
When your wife ‘helps’ you steer by pulling the front of the trolley sideways slightly while you’re pushing it (I can do it!!)
Trolleys left in parking spaces – you have to get out and move the trolley before you park – or maybe you could slowly ram it….?
Two different colours of handwash in the toilets, not labelled – what are they, which one should I use?
Footballers who fall down and writhe in agony, but then within seconds are up and running around again.
Tennis players who when serving take several balls and then reject the ones that are 1% less (or is it more?) fluffy


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