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February 23, 2011

People who say “I don’t get Twitter” might be wrong!

I think I’m starting to get the point of Twitter.
My thoughts are as follows: these are the reasons why you might want to get a (free) Twitter account:

1 – You can follow your idols and get a window into their world
2 – You can see which topics are “trending” and see what people are saying about these popular subjects
3 – You can send a message to anyone, so if you can’t get the email address for Eric Clapton or Armando Ianucci you can probably send them a message via Twitter
4 – You can subscribe to sites listing local jobs
5 – You can subscribe to sites which send jokes, for example Viz Top Tips is hilarious
6 – Follow the chain: You can see who is following someone who you like, and see who the people you like are following, thus discovering whole new worlds of discussion
7 – You can find out what’s going on locally to you, and also find out what’s going on internationally, e.g. Libya. Someone told me that he was stuck in a non-moving queue at Heathrow so he searched twitter and found out that the problem was – someone with a mobile was tweeting from the front of the queue! Or if you are in Northampton for the evening, you can search and see who is saying what about what’s going on there.
8 – It’s fun to watch a rugby match or The Apprentice with your twitter feed on, so you can see what everyone is tweeting, like having loads of people in the room with you making witty comments
9 – You can search for conversations on anything, so if you are really into bee-keeping or base-jumping you can just search and see who is saying what about those
10 – Serendipity – sometimes you tweet, or receive a tweet, about something at just the right time – might be a book you are reading, a band playing locally, a job required, etc.

Overall I think it’s interesting, and probably goes much deeper and better than I have so far discovered…. Let me know people, what did I miss?


PS – follow me on Twitter! Management tips at @chriscroft, the real me at @chriscroft2010



  1. and you can block someone you dont want to “talk” to.

    Comment by sheila wells — February 23, 2011 @ 4:32 pm

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