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January 9, 2011

Bad at relaxing

Filed under: Happiness, Time Management — chriscroft @ 11:57 pm

I got this reply to my recent tip of the month, and I thought it raised some good points, and I wanted to raise some others in reply……

Hi, Chris – I usually both enjoy and agree with most of what you say in your newsletters.  However, I have to challenge you on a statement you made in your latest newsletter which I’ve pasted below:
I do get a bit restless with all the Christmas sitting around. I just feel as if I’m not achieving anything
I think it’s such a shame that you feel you’re not achieving anything by just ‘sitting around’ – how do you know, how do you recharge your ‘batteries’ and how are you defining ‘achieving’?  You’ll know far better than I what the statistics are about how many hours we ‘work’ in this country and when we’re not actually at work, we’re often thinking about work, issues concerning us and that we’re tackling at work during our supposed ‘off duty’ time.
I don’t think that ‘work’ is what defines us as human beings and, indeed, if we only concentrated on ‘working’ I would say that we are limiting our horizons about what we are capable of and generally selling ourselves short in order to achieve a fully rounded, happy and fulfilled existence.  I was quite ambitious in my early career in local government, including taking professional courses in my own time, in an attempt to climb the career ladder but the older I’ve become, the more I realise that life is about more than work.  Although I consider that I’m very professional in my approach to my job (and I’m good at it!), I like to think that I’ve finally attained a mutually agreeable work/life balance that, yes, does include just sitting around sometimes – even if it only achieves the aim relaxing at the end of a particularly busy/stressful week!  That is still an important activity, I would say.

My reply……

Yes I agree with you, that life is about much more than just work, and to be doing too high a proportion of work is not healthy, yes absolutely.  … and so I should be better at relaxing.  I think I was trying to say that for some reason I’m not good at it, maybe Victorian work ethic, or a deep down fear of time running out, or something, who knows!?  But I think it’s a common feeling people have, not sure what the answer is at the moment….!

I know I should be recharging, but I almost feel as if my batteries run down MORE when I’m not doing anything.  But maybe they recharge without me noticing ?

Someone else emailed to say at boredom is good because it leads to creativity later.  Interesting…

Great to hear from you, keep on my case it’s good for me!




Comments from anyone else? Are you bad at relaxing? Why? Does it matter? If so, What can be done?


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