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December 16, 2010

Enjoying your job

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I thought I’d be a bit controversial and say that if you don’t enjoy your job at least some of the time it’s going to show in terms of the service you give to your customers (internal as well as external), and it’s not good for you, the company, the customers, anyone really. You have to CARE about your job. If not, something’s got to change! So let’s examine…. Enjoying your job

Is it reasonable to say that anyone can enjoy their work, and that everyone should be doing do, if not they must make changes in their life? What about the boring jobs that just have to be done, and the people that can’t, for whatever reason, do their dream job?

There is a person for every job; there is always someone who’ll enjoy a particular job. Maggot farming, toilet cleaning, coal mining, whatever job some people would hate to do, there are others who love it. I love doing talks to groups of people every day – many people would regard this as hell! Of course you aren’t going to find something that’s100% brilliant 100% of the time, but “pretty good most of the time” is surely achievable.

There’s a job for every person:
if you can only find it, if you only knew what it was, there is a job out there that you would enjoy, and which you are capable of (though might need a bit of training first, there’s no problem with that). It’s your duty, maybe even your life purpose, to find it!

A plan for you:

1 – Make your job into your ideal job. This can sometimes be done, by negotiating with your boss. The appraisal process can help, if there is one. It may require a series of small steps rather than one big one. The idea is to move towards doing more of the things you like, and are good at. Many bosses would welcome someone saying “I’d like to get more into doing X because that’s what interests me”.

2 – If you really can’t change anything, make the best of what you have. Maybe it’s possible to find a way to enjoy what you do at the moment, it’s just a state of mind. Meditation, patience, focussing on the customers, or on the small stuff, or on the good bits, or on the team you work with, or on making the world better, may help. Trying to be the best at whatever it is you do. Getting some training so you can gradually move up through into more interesting parts of the work may be another way. If there really is no way to do this, then…

3 – You CAN leave your current job if you don’t like it. If you feel trapped by mortgage, pension etc then think creatively about ways to live on less money, work on your dream in our spare time until it’s ready to take off, etc. Take your time to find out your true vocation. Consider paying for a personality profile or talk to a specialist. You only get one life! But make sure you have fully explored option 1 before you go to this one, as option 1 might offer much more than you realise.

Onwards and upwards!



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