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December 1, 2010

My iPad day

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I struggled to justify buying this beautiful but expensive thing, but I now find it indispensable. The following is not an exaggeration, it really is a typical day. I hope it helps my readers justify entering the lovely iPad world!

Woken by alarm – on iPad
Listen to music while in bathroom and shower (iPad playing through its built in speaker)
Breakfast, instead of newspaper a quick browse of BBC website using free news app, marmalade on iPad wipes off.

Drive to work – traffic! Use google maps to see which roads are blocked and replan route. Large screen and pinch zoom invaluable for this.

Arrive a bit early, check emails. Instant on is much better than my laptop, and screen keypad fine for even quite long replies.
Work – might use mind map, or calculator.
Check emails briefly in the breaks.

Customer wants to book another date, “do you have a Wednesday free in February?”, using google diary and Calengoo app to view month at a time, works really well, my paper Filofax has finally bitten the dust, sad, but this is backed up and viewable by Sally back at home

Lunch time – check jobs to do, using google tasks, can view on phone but iPad is easier to see

Need to phone Fred, list of contacts is on iPad if number not in phone memory
After work, drive to next city, now in hotel, want to find curry, google map search on iPad, maybe street view to check it’s correct
Google curry reviews to find best one, iPad great for Internet
Walk to Balti World, use google maps to see length of route (is it worth driving?) and view progress along the way (was it left or straight on at the park?)

Waiting for curry, look at Facebook and chat with friends, more sociable than phone in restaurant

Back at hotel, mark an assignment using Word on Office2HD and update their progress on the google spreadsheet
What’s on TV? – free iPad app for that is great
Nothing decent on though, so watch something on iPlayer instead, free via BBC website, works really well with iPad on knees in warm bed
Phone wife – can’t use iPad for that, though could in theory view photos of her while on phone….
Set alarm,
Goodnight all!



  1. The killer apps are:
    – instant on
    – screen easier to use than phone
    – on knees in warm bed

    Two thoughts:
    -> I have never seen a product at this price hit its key clientele so fast, and:
    -> For the first time, Apple has invaded the business universe that was dominated by HP, Dell, BlackBerry and Microsoft.

    For a long time Apple’s share of the market was low, but I was willing to bet that if you segmented home users with household income over $100,000 their share was high (huge proportion of people I know have at least one Mac in the house).

    Now, P&G has issued iPads to senior managers, justifying it based on “instant-on”. Shortly afterwards, the iPhone became a smartphone option. The fortress is falling…

    Comment by Martin Herrington — December 2, 2010 @ 1:07 am

  2. When they first lcame out, despite being a dyed in the wool Mac fan, I didn’t think I would get an iPad. However I have since bought one. We use ours mainly in the living room or bedroom – I’m not a mobile worker – and it fills the gap between iPhone and Mac very nicely. (I’m typing this comment on it)

    Comment by Wizzard Prang — December 15, 2010 @ 10:41 am

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