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November 3, 2010

Get rid of the right people

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The public sector cuts will certainly mean the loss of jobs. But how will this be done?
Will it be done in a cowardly and weak way, taking the easiest option, which is neither fair to the people or best for the organisations? I hope not!

Wrong ways to choose who goes:

– Last in first out
– Easiest to get rid of
– Cheapest to get rid of
– Most expensive people go first
– Volunteers (sorry, but they are probably your best people, who can get other jobs most easily – do you really want to lose them??).

No, what is needed is surely to get rid of the worst people. If this could be done, the cost will be saved and maybe performance won’t be affected much. It might even improve!

Plus, a bit of justice in this world would be nice for a change.

This does require effective performance management, strong HR, etc, so it’s not easy,
but you know it makes sense….


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