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August 25, 2010

“It’s different for you, you’re self employed”

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I often hear this when I’m running courses and I mention that I give out my mobile number to customers, or that I check my emails on holiday, or just that I want to do the best job I can, otherwise why bother?

But is it true that it’s different for someone who is self employed?

Sure I get quicker feedback on whether I do a good job or not (I starve!) while in larger organisations justice can be slow, or even non-existent. And yes, there is a feeling of ownership which is not so obvious in a larger company.

But I would ask: do you take some sort of pride in the work you do? Do you have some sort of ownership of what you do? Are you part of the company, or just employed by it?

And if you’re answering “I’m just employed, I just turn up in order to earn the money I need to live, I don’t really care” when isn’t it time to get another job – because you’re wasting 5 days a week in order to live for the other two – not enough!

What if you’re answering “well, of course I want to do a good job, and I do what I can, often despite the system, but you have to draw limits, why should I go beyond the call of duty? I don’t get paid any extra?” – and I guess this is probably most people’s position.

Well, I would say that you have to believe that you make a difference, you have to have some passion, otherwise… get another job!

You sell your time to your company, just like a self employed person, and you want to keep them happy and yourself happy. Only your best is going to be good enough for both parties.


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