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June 22, 2010

Thanking god for my goal

Filed under: Sport — chriscroft @ 7:17 pm

You see this a lot in the world cup. Pointing up at the sky, crossing themselves etc.

I seems to me that if it really was god who helped them score, then does that mean that god is taking sides? I wonder which team HE supports (if it’s England then He’s not doing a very good job!). Something tells me that god has bigger fish to fry than supporting one football team against another.

And what should He do if the penalty taker AND the goalie are appealing to him simultaneiously?

Kaka, a famous god-thanker, was sent off in Brazil’s last game; where was god in that match?

No, I think we should face the fact that, whether or not God is up there, and whether or not He is a football fan, it’s skill, hard work and teamwork that count. So that’s maybe just one out of three for England then!

PS Just saw Jokovic doing it at Wimbledon – aargh!


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