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June 14, 2010


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Some people might find this a bit depressing, but if you let it influence your behaviour for the better then your overall happiness will be increased, and I hope you take it that way!

Did you know that in your whole life you only have about 850 months – and half of these are probably gone by now. If you’re over 35 then it might be much more than half that have gone, and it’s unlikely to be much less than half.

and when you reach 50 you only have about 850 weekends left

and for those of you who are so young that you can’t imagine ever reaching 50, did you know that if you allow for times when you or they are away, you only get about 850 weekends with your children.

The moral of this has to be “don’t waste a single one!”

You might argue that the number should be 900 or 1000, but the point is the same.

So, if you got an email from God (assuming you don’t listen to me!) saying that you in fact have 841 months or weekends left to live, or 841 weekends with your children, what would you do?

I expect you’d do two things:
a) plan how you’re going to use this precious time, making a list of priorities
b) be assertive in the carrying out of this plan, saying No to things that felt like a waste of the precious time

And of course this is what we should all be doing anyway. Just because we don’t know the exact number, we can kid ourselves that there isn’t a number, it’s infinite, and therefore it’s OK to not have a plan, not have priorities, not be assertive and not say no. But there is a number, whether you like it or not, and therefore it’s worth making the most of every day week weekend month and year, before you realise that most of them are gone. Starting now!


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