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June 9, 2010

Engineers – or not

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One of my pet hates is people who claim to be Engineers when they’re not. This is probably because I feel a bit guilty that I was never a very good engineer, and I’ve forgotten 99% of my engineering degree, but still, at least I sort of am one, unlike the Heating Engineers and Waste Disposal Engineers and Telephone Engineers that I see on people’s vans, and hear about on the news. At least “Engineers are trying to fix it” makes us sound like good guys, and also clever and hard working maybe, but still, it’s annoying when people think that Engineers are people who fix your washing machine, when they’re so much more than that!

So if anyone gets a photo, or just sees a good one, I’d like to hear from you.

Recently my wife heard an announcement on the supermarket tannoy “Would a Space Engineer please go to aisle 10”, and we’re wondering what that was – Shelf stacker? Shelving assembler? Interior designer? (not knocking these jobs by the way, each to their own, just don’t say you’re an engineer when you’re not) …Maybe they really did need someone from NASA…?


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