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May 19, 2010

My music on the web

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It’s all a bit odd, so I haven’t publicised it much, but what the hell, here’s a list:

The world’s only Time Management rap:

The world’s only Project Management Rap:

Words by Jolyon Sylvester-Bradley based on the scanty ideas I gave him to use.

Modes of Transport – a song I wrote and performed, started off as a joke but actually I really like it now!

My daily dog walk, accompanied by music I recorded with Trevann when we were doing a jazz duo called Toucan Funk. The track is called Evening, and has flute and sax by me, piano by Trevann, and we used real session bassist and drummer. I love that shuffly brush rhythm on the drums, it fits perfectly with the dog’s footwork …

The band, Lost At Sea, live at the Christchurch Regatta Festival, doing a song called Time:
There are some other songs from the same performance there, and also some samples of studio music from the band, with photos superimposed, at

Then there’s Marylyn’s song “Coastlines Calling” where I have added flute and uploaded it with pictures:

and The Ether Song, now added, at

and a new song that I love: “Chasing Shadows” acoustic version made at my house

Video of Chasing Shadows with Edvard Munch paintings, full bad version, live gig:

Video of Why Can’t You See,  full band recorded live

and me keeping Victor Chetcuti company at The King Charles, June 2010

Here are a couple of tracks by Valeria Poate on which I have done the sax

Earrings in my pocket:

Cherry Cherry Pop:

And then there’s the jazzy/groove project with Dave Carson and Dave Thomas, with Mike of Classic Drums

videos I have made, in order of making them:

Frozen   (don’t miss the last minute where it all opens up)

Back Then  (filmed in my house, pretending to be Cuba or somewhere)

Surveillance   (featuring some of my photos from my walking with wolves day)

Never Gonna Hart Ya    (Great rap from Jolyon and Lauren)

Revolution Club live at The King Charles with Jolyon rapping – on ‘L.A. California’

Revolution Club sampler

Rap sampler  –

Space Walk

Tall Green

Sugar Star

You left me like this

Off Piste –

I hope that at least one of the above floats your boat!



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  1. and The Ether Song, now added, at

    and me keeping Victor Chetcuti company at The King Charles, June 2010

    Comment by CC — May 29, 2010 @ 11:09 am

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