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May 8, 2010

my Bucket List

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30 Things to do before I die

  1. Own a big fluffy Alsation
  2. Be a grandad
  3. Master snowboarding
  4. Snorkelling in the Maldives
  5. Read every good book
  6. Play the sax on Jules Holland
  7. Record an album of my own stuff
  8. Balloon trip
  9. Cycle across Europe
  10. Get good at the drums
  11. Do a talk to 1000 people at once
  12. Publish a really successful management book
  13. Tour southern India
  14. See Ayers Rock
  15. Explore the Greek islands
  16. Cycle through Italy
  17. Drive a lotus Elise
  18. Master driving with the back end hanging out (powerslide)
  19. Sail round a floating iceberg
  20. Have a laugh with Joan Armatrading
  21. See Louise as Chief Exec
  22. See Miles running his own business
  23. See Sally win a singles tennis tournament
  24. Walk across a wilderness and arrive somewhere great
  25. Make a TV “guru” programme
  26. Visit Rennes Le Chateau
  27. Discover the secrets of the freemasons
  28. Ride a trail bike off road for a longish distance in good weather using skill to stay on
  29. Motorcycle tour of the Alps
  30. See the stars while staying overnight in the desert

Were on my list, but now Done:

  1. Eclipse
  2. Dolphins
  3. Whales
  4. Taj Mahal
  5. Koalas
  6. Great Barrier Reef
  7. Book published
  8. Marquee club
  9. Pub gigs
  10. Recording studio CDs
  11. Machu Pichu
  12. New York
  13. Pyramids
  14. Bob Dylan
  15. Rock climbing
  16. See a volcano erupting
  17. Relax and let my mind be still in Katmandu
  18. See the northern lights
  19. See Mount Everest


  1. What a great list!
    I didn’t have many on my “bucket list” – somehow I’d rather not have a list, so couldn’t get disapointed because a) I hadn’t completed the list or b) I had.

    there were a few things on your list though that I would comment on:
    3.Master snowboarding – define “master”; do you ever master something thathas so many levels; do you mean not fall over, not make your ankles hurt, or master the half pipe?

    5.Read every good book – on whose list?

    10.Get good at the drums – see Snowboarding

    12.Publish a really successful management book – err, I’ve read your book and I think it’s great as does a couple of friends who also read it, so what’s success?

    Many of the others just require organising… Project Manage your wishes Chris!!!!

    Comment by magpieschest — May 18, 2010 @ 9:28 pm

  2. Good points
    For me, master snowboarding just means doing connected turns so I can enjoy a blue/red run (my list is shorthand a bit, originally just my own notes just for me).
    The books one is a kind of joke because it’s clearly impossible even if we know which books they were. But I would like to do more reading. Thanks for the management book comment! But I want to do one about managing people that really hits the spot, and I don’t think there’s been one yet. Maybe because it’s impossible!!

    Comment by CC — May 19, 2010 @ 6:41 am

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