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April 16, 2010

Curry Restaurants

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I’ve been thinking about the fact that I’ve eaten a lot of curry over the years, and people always have strong feelings about which one is the best in the area. So, for a bit of a debate (and also justice – may the good ones live long and prosper!) here’s what I think (scarily this is all from my head, no notes taken anywhere)

Apologies that most are in Poole where I live – feel free to add yours to this list
They are in approximate order from best to worst. Sorry, Wimborne Tandoori!


Wimbledon – The Curry Royal. The best curry I’ve ever had. Amazing Brinjal Bhajee. Good service too.

Poole centre: Tandoori nights: top food, good service

Chutneys, Shaftesbury, Dorset SP7 8EJ great food and service and stylish modern ambience

Westbourne : Taj Mahal: excellent food, mediocre service (fast, but they don’t smile).

Harrow – The Curry Mahal. Recently sold, so I really hope the new owners keep the chef and the service, both of which are excellent.

The Bengal Brasserie, London SE13. Not in a very promising street, this place had OK service and brilliant food.

Cambridge: the Maharajah on Castle Street – great decor, good service, good curry. Many people recommend the Cafe Naz and the Saffron, but I haven’t tried these yet. So many curries, so little time!

Ringwood: The Indigo: a bit hot for my taste, but stylish ambience, unusual menu, great if you order something mild.


Himachol, Ashley Road Poole- food and service OK

Westbourne Tandoori – food and service OK

Bath – The Eastern Eye . It’s in an amazing building, but in fact it’s too big for a good dining experience, the service is OK, and the food only OK. When I’m in Bath I prefer to visit YumYum Thai.


Wimborne: red fort: OK food, strange service, nice decor
Penn Hill Rajasthan: Used to be a favourite but became very expensive with over sweet food. Went again recently and it not bad, the Zafrani is still great, but the rest was nothing special.

Westbourne: Indis: poor food but GREAT customer service
The Tatnam Tandoori. The name says it all really.
Parkstone: Gate of India. Service OK but food boring. Seemed like curry cooked by an English person (sorry!). Recommended on the net, but it was by someone who ordered a Passanda, so I rest my case.

Sammy’s – food not as good as it was, service and clientele odd

Blandford Forum – Simla Tandoori – Poor food, service OK

Taj Mahal 2 – Poole High Street, owned by the same family as the excellent Westbourne Taj Mahal, but different menu and different chef. Sorry guys, but not at all the same!


Wimborne Tandoori – poor service and poor food. Multiple Toilet Visits (MTV) for 24 hours after.


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