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April 8, 2010

Marmite vs. Beige!

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Rather than dumbing down, I think the world is being dumbed down by the Beige People.

Some questions:

  1. Is it better to have something (say a training course, or TV comedy, or piece of public art) that is excellent and brilliant and which 19/20 people love and one person hates, or is it better to have a safe one that nobody objects so because it’s got nothing you could have an emotion about?
    In a world where only the complaints get counted, you’d go for option 2 wouldn’t you?
    But what a shame!
    It’s a victory for the Beige People, and a victory for the one over the 19.  Can that be right?
  2. If 9/10 people are not offended, but one person is, then is something offensive?  I think probably yes, we have to look after all minorities and all varieties of view.  But what if it’s one in a thousand?  At one point do we say “We’re having a bit of marmite, and not everyone will like it, but at least let us have our fun, in fact have the tolerance to let us Marmite Eaters  do things our way, and if you don’t like it well don’t watch, or ignore us for a bit, but don’t stop us and force us to paint our world beige.
  3. Surely the definition of offensive can’t be “If someone somewhere finds it offensive” – because you’ll always find someone who doesn’t like something.  There has to be a test of reasonableness in all this, surely?
  4. If nobody is offended, but somebody thinks that others might possibly potentially be offended, does that count as offensive?
  5. In a world where children are starving, AIDS is rampant, pollution and water shortages threaten our environment, people are chopping down the amazon and murdering elephants and tigers and whales, racism and homophobia are commonplace, etc, how can it be that bad to use a word like shit instead of poo?  It’s only a name, for a natural thing, what’s all the fuss about?  Don’t start me on brain-storming or blackboards or chairman!  Come on beige people, get it in proportion!  Put your energies into being offended about something important!
  6. If someone can’t hear the word shit without being offended, how do they get through just one day in this world?  (…and what if they step in some?)

End of rant!

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  1. When Renault cliniced (clinicked? clinicced?) the original Twingo, they had a higher proportion of “dislikes” than for any car they had ever made. But they also had a lot of “love-its”, so they went ahead and launched, with huge success.

    Meanwhile, of course, they had the beiges covered with the more conservative Clio. For a while, the pair were No. 1 and 2 in the French sales chart. And they share a lot of parts. Ca, c’est le marketing.

    Comment by Martin Herrington — April 9, 2010 @ 9:10 pm

    • Though YOU of course are much more Marmite than beige…

      Comment by chriscroft — April 27, 2010 @ 11:30 pm

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