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February 3, 2010

Customer Care – 3 points

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I think that maybe my tips should be shorter, but I want you to have value, and anyway they are starting to stack up uncomfortably, so here are three non-connected ideas about customer care.

The biggest reason for changing suppliers is “Perceived Indifference”, and replacing lost customers is much more expensive than keeping existing ones. So make sure they know that you care about them. Just caring isn’t enough, you have to show them or tell them all well. Think: how do you do this at the moment?

When you do a job for a customer that you often do, or is often done by a number of different people, have a checklist so that it is always done the same, and always done right, whoever is doing it and however much of a hurry they are in. There should be a procedure for as many routine tasks as possible, so that the best way can be agreed and always followed. This also helps new people to learn it. Customers are very sensitive to variations in service, expecting the best that they have had before every time from then on.

Benchmarking – have a look at a fish & chip shop or a dentist or a market trader or a BMW showroom or whatever – what are they doing that you could learn from? Are there any ideas there that you could pinch? Make observing other people’s customer care a constant habit.

Onwards and upwards!





  1. Please somebody check out “Space Between Your Ears” by Ozric Tentacles. Fabulous trippy track that’s starts slowly and builds, and builds, and builds, until it finally explodes into a fantastic guitar solo to match Dave Gilmour’s in Comfortably Numb (well almost!). You can listen to it on Spotify or Last FM.


    Comment by Jamie — April 14, 2010 @ 12:30 pm

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