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January 24, 2010

Give The Owls a Chance

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There’s been lots of talk about letting teenagers start school an hour later (and finish an hour later) since their hormones make it hard for them to get up in the morning (or so my 17 year old son says).
But what about us grown up Owls?
Possibly due to our inbuilt time clocks being longer or shorter than 24 hours, some people love getting up early (23 hour clock) and then like to go to bed early as well. Weird! Others want one extra hour in bed every morning (25 hour clock) and want to stay up an hour later every night, happily working after midnight, but then regretting it each morning. Apparently software developers are much more likely to be Owls than Larks, with more of them still being up after 2am than being in bed before 10pm. I always knew software people were cool!
So why force them to be in work by 8.30 when they are half dead all morning? You’d get better results if you gave them the option of coming in at 11am and working till 7pm. And as long as someone covers the core hours when customers phone in, does it matter?
Just a thought!

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